Friday, 13 December 2013

Squeezeplay 7.8 compiled for Raspberry Pi

For my upcoming Raspberry PI project, an Internet Radio with built-in speakers, I had to compile the Logitech Squeezeplay (aka jive) player for the Raspberry Pi.

I followed several instruction and eventually got it to compile. It was very tricky....
I started with the information from slimdevices wiki and started the compilation process.

The compile process takes a long time on the pi (over 10 hours) and along the way there were several errors that needed to be addressed. I googled most of the errors so anyone should be able to overcome the difficulties in the compilation process.

Since this was cumbersome and painful to complete,  I'm making the compiled version available for anyone to use.

You can download it here. It's compiled for the Raspbian Wheezy.
I used the version from SVN so it should be mostly up to date.

If you also need squeezecenter you can use the version provided by Logitech, the ARM version works fine in the Pi.
You can run Squeezecenter and squeezeplay on the same Pi, but it can be a bit slow to start, at least on my version A Pi (only 256MB RAM).

I've also purchased a LCD module and I'm planning on using it to display the Jive app which will basically turn the Pi into a DIY Logitech Touch.

There are other options for this, namely SoftSqueeze (get it from here) which is Java based and squeezeslave (from here) which is a command line version (which can also be used with a char LCD).
Now all I need is a DAC, some speakers and I'll be ready to go...

Hope you find it useful!

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